Comparing the best financial products for you

The financial outlook has not been rosy lately, unless you’re lucky enough to be a millionaire or have an exceptionally well-paid job. This is true wherever you are in the world, from the UK to Australia and New Zealand. The cost of living has increased for many, and even the better off are having to tighten their belts.

However, all is not lost, as many sites offer valuable tools and resources and can help you choose the best financial product for your needs. is one of these sites. It is a financial comparison site that is perfect whether you want to save, spend or borrow money.

The site also has articles full of useful information about all kinds of financial topics: credit cards, mortgages, debt and more.

Borrowing – lets you compare many different credit cards and loans. You can sort and filter them by interest rates, fees and rewards (if any). The information is clearly displayed so you can see what you need to see very easily.

Saving – If you’re lucky enough to be able to save some money, this site is hugely helpful in allowing you to compare the best savings accounts. Choose the amount you want to deposit and sort by interest rate. Again, this information is all very clearly laid out. You can use the filters if you want to be more specific, for example, you want an online-only account, or one that offers a bonus.

Mortgages – are you looking for a new mortgage? These can be one of the most complicated and confusing areas of finance, but again the site can help you. You can filter by different types of mortgage, including offset, high equity and first home. also offers information on business-related finance such as cards and loans. What are you waiting for? This site is well worth checking out.

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